The Dorcas Roman Dance Theatre Company is an emerging company with a flexible group of dancers who gets together on a project basis.  Some of the Dancers have been collaborating and working with Artistic Director Román for several years, while others are newly with the company.

Guest Dancers

Dana Berk Findley

Dana Berk received her BFA in dance from the University of Illinois Champaign-Urbana and her MS in Education, with teaching and administrative credentials from National University.  In the past, she has danced locally with Louise Reichlin, Naomi Goldberg, Janet Roston, Dorcas Román, as well as performed with Princess Cruises.  From 1996-2005, she taught dance at Beverly Hills High School and was the Assistant Principal from 2003-2005.   She finished her MFA in Dance from Cal State Long Beach in 2007.  She has served as the Visual and Performing Arts Coordinator for Beverly Hills Unified School District and is currently the Assistant Principal at one of the K-8 schools in the district.

Chris Cano

Chris Cano began his path of dancing at a young age.  Moving to music has always been a part of his soul.  His training began at 18 when he entered Fullerton College.  He then transferred to Cypress College followed by CSULB where he received his Bachelor of Arts degree.  Along this path he has received multiple scholarships and awards.  The highlight thus far was the experience of performing a duet (Lost / Halves by Louie Cornejo) at the Kennedy Center in Washington D.C. earning Best Choreography for the nation wide festival (ACDFA ‘06).  He is a former member of the Ledges and Bones Dance Project based in L.A. with founder and choreographer Holly Johnston.  He is currently looking forward to all future rehearsals and performances.

Louie Cornejo

Louie Cornejo found dance while satisfying a physical education requirement for the nursing program in L.A. County College of Nursing.  After receiving his A.A. in Nursing, he received a BFA in Dance at CSULB in 2006.  While there, he performed an excerpt of Martha Graham’s Acts of Light, staged by Susan McLain and Paul Taylor’s Aureole, staged by Sharon Kinney among others.  His work lost/HALVES won the Outstanding Student Choreography at the Kennedy Center in Washington, D.C. at ACDFA  in 2006 and has also presented his choreography in Northern and Southern California.  Cornejo had worked with PTERO Dance Theater, Vox Dance Theater, Helios Dance Theater, NUGENT Dance, Keith Glassman, and Dorcas Roman-Colins in many different venues in Los Angeles as well as Orange Counties, Houston, Texas, Toronto, and New York.

Eboni Jones

Since she was a child, Eboni Jones possessed an immense passion for dance.  She was always in her garage, or in the neighborhood with friends,  choreographing “routines.”  Because she was heavily involved in martial arts and acrobatics, her passion went unattended as her parents felt she didn’t have the time to cater to her passion by way of professional training.  It wasn’t until she began her education at California State University, Long Beach, as a pre-medical student, that she surrendered to her passion and took her first professional dance class.  She now finds fulfillment in modern technique, West African dance, and praise dance.  She has had the honor to train under Ron Brown, Keith Johnson, Lorin Johnson, and Dorcas Roman.

Naomi King

Naomi King was born and raised on the island of New Caledonia in the South Pacific where she was exposed to many different forms of dance, however she began her formal dance training in Long Beach, California. She has performed at such venues as the Carpenter Performing Arts Theater, and the Disneyland Resort, and has performed famous works such as Twyla Tharp’s Noir, Alonzo King’s Rite of Spring, and Balanchine’s Seranade. Naomi has been a teacher and choreographer for the Center Stage Dance Academy since 2003. She is currently working on her BA in dance at California State University, Long Beach, where she was the recipient of the Dramatic Allied Arts Guild scholarship in 2007 and the Betty DuPont scholarship in 2008.

Denice Najera

Denice Najera was born and raised in San Francisco, where she began dancing at DSG, a local dance studio.  She was accepted and continued to study dance at San Francisco School of the Arts High School.  She moved to Long Beach, where she received her B.A in Dance in 2007.  Currently, Denice works various jobs throughout Long Beach, including teaching Pilates.  Most importantly, she continues to work with local choreographers such as Louie Cornejo and Dorcas Roman.

Carmen Rojo

Carmen Rojo, a graduate student at CSULB with a BA in dance 2008.  Carmen had the privilege to work with faculty Susan McLain “Got Balls” a world premier 2008, Cyrus Parker-Jeannette, Colleen Dunagan, Dorcas Roman, and worked with graduates and guest choreographer Maria Gillespie at CSULB.  She is currently working with Dorcas Roman Dance Theater. Carmen has an ongoing working process since 2007 with Louie Cornejo in Long Beach. She is establishing performances in San Diego working with Leslie Seiters artistic director of Little Unknown Dance Theater and Terry Wilson for Trolley Dance Theater this summer 2008. Carmen is currently living in the Los Angeles region.

Angelina Attwell

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Andrew Palomares

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Cristina Kole

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Nathan Machutta